Colorado Conversations

Jeff (Hoppie) and I (Neenee) made a trip to Denver this weekend. As usual the conversation was entertaining…

Hoppie had just come in the house to find a bucket to clean off some mud frozen to the deck. After following Austyn’s instructions he walked out the back door, bucket in hand.

Hoppie: Now Liam, I’m going to do something that I don’t want you ever to try. OK?

Liam: What?

Hoppie: I’m going to do something over here that I don’t want you to ever do. OK?

Neenee (from inside the house): This can’t be good.

Austyn: Nope.


One of many random conversations…

Liam: You’re between.

Neenee: Between what?

Liam: You’re between new and old.

Neenee: Thanks! I like being between. Hey Hoppie, Liam says we are between.

Hoppie: Between is good.

Neenee: What’s Mommy?

Liam: She’s … an old kid. Emery and I are new kids, but she’s an old one.


 Liam coughing in Hoppie’s ear during reading time…

Hoppie: Liam, please cover your mouth. I think you should just keep your hand over your mouth all the time.

Liam (with hand over mouth): I can’t do that, how will I eat?


Lite Lunch Conversation

Elin (with eyes wide open and as dramatic and she could be, which will win her an Oscar one day): Sage and I watched a video and it was really scary. The girl was OBSESSED!

Hoppie: Obsessed? That’s a big word.


Neenee: What does it mean to be obsessed?

Elin (pointing to her eyes): That’s when your eye’s are yellow.

Hoppie: You mean possessed?

Elin: It was so scary! I said NO! NO! NO MORE VIDEO!!

Neenee: That’s good. You shouldn’t watch videos where people are obsessed.

Raun: When did you see this video…..


Bedtime reading

Hoppie opened the big bible store book at the beginning:

Liam: That’s the awful part.

Neenee: The awful part? Don’t you like those stories?

Liam: They kill people when there’s too many.

Hoppie: Let’s read from the other part. There was a man who was born blind. His friend’s asked Jesus what his parents did to make him blind?…This is awful, who writes this crap?

Neenee: Keep reading, hopefully they correct it on the next page.

Hoppie: Here, let’s read this book. The Pigeon Drives the bus.


My Bedtime Prayer: Thank you God for making my family so entertaining that all I have to do is listen!

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