What goes around…

This morning I read a post my daughter wrote describing life at her house with two children who are very early risers. I had to chuckle as I recalled many early mornings when I would roll over in bed to find her laying between us. She would either be staring up or into my face.  I never figured out how she got there without waking either of us up.

On one of these early mornings I asked if she would like to get up and go to the grocery store. She looked at me with great question and asked, “They fleep there?” Austyn’s ‘sl’ were ‘fl’ for sometime. “No,” I explained, “they work all night.” With even bigger eyes she asked, “They don’t fleep!?”

Our son has been blessed with a night owl who rarely approaches bedtime gracefully. He has spent weeks of his life getting her to sleep. I said one day, “do you know how many hours I spent getting you to sleep?” To his response, “Do you know how many hours I waiting for you to fall asleep?” This was the kid we tied into bed – don’t ask.

There’s an old saying, what goes around comes around. In my old age I’ve come to believe our entire world is based on this. It’s the what you sow you shall reap law. We  experience life from both sides – the sower and the reaper.

It’s 5:25 am, I’ve been up since 4 but the grocery store doesn’t open till 6 – I too was blessed with the early morning gene.

What goes around, comes around….I believe I hear someone knocking at the door….

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