Day 22


Sarcasm and Cynicism are just one’s sense of humor, RIGHT?  I always thought so, until I heard it explained this way:

Our brains are very black and white. They are not controlled by our emotions. Thus, the words that come our of our mouths are factual to our brains. If I say jokingly “Geezz I’m stupid, when am I going to figure this out!” My brain accepts that I am stupid. If I say, “No one really cares!” My brain computes that no one really cares. Our brains can not decipher between fact, sarcasm and cynicism; nor can it take into account our emotions when such things are said.

Why is it important for us to guard our hearts and watch every word that comes out of our mouth? Because intentionally or not intentionally our minds compute and believe those words. Once our brains grasp a concept – it begins to think in that way.

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