Day 21

The Riches of His Grace

One of the biggest realization for me over the past 7 months is the fact that I did not understand God’s Grace. As I have studied God’s Grace, it isn’t as easy as Fear not – only believe. I’m not sure if one could ever truly understand all that God’s Grace encompasses.

I stumbled on a well-known English Bible Theologian for the 30’s and 40’s. (Apparently not well-known to me!)  I devoured three of his books. Then I found a site that allows me to listen to his sermons. I’m hooked. I can sit for hours, listening to him talk.  It may be because he rolls his “R”s. I may be because he speaks proper English. More likely is the fact that his message is pure. I’ve never heard anyone speak of God’s Grace in such a way.

The Riches of His Grace

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