Day 18

All the voices!

My head is full of voice. Some make me laugh, others get me in trouble, a few make me remember, and some I wish I could shoot.

It is very important to learn to decipher the voices in our heads.  I hear a lot of Christians saying, “God told me…”. In the Old Testament if a person said “God told me…” and it didn’t come to pass – they were stoned! It’s quite possible they were stoned when they said it, but most certainly they were stoned after.

It can be very disappointing to realize that voice in your head is not God but your own wishes, dreams or desires. I believe God can and does speak to us;  I also know that there can be a lot of good voices in your head that aren’t God. The mature Believer takes the time and pains to learn the difference. Not surprisingly, it is those who have, whose own voice speaks with God’s wisdom.

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