Day 6

Fear not – Only believe

I’m beginning to think that every verse, every story in the Bible is there in order to help us  Fear not – Only believe.

What is the opposite of this statement; Fearful and full of unbelief. That is where most of us live. I had a really big house smack dab in the center of town! It’s not possible to be fearful and believe. It’s impossible to fear not and not believe. It is our beliefs that conquers our fears.

Fear is Satan’s greatest, and may be his only real attack on the human mind. We fear everything. You cannot have a conversation without someone saying, “I afraid…” or “My concern is…” No matter how we soften the word, what we are saying is: “I AM FEARFUL!”

If we were given no other instruction, these four words are sufficient. In them is happiness, contentment, and peace. It translates to any and every situation. It is the foundation on which the rest of our lives can be built. It is true freedom! Fear not – only believe! 

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