Day 5

It’s a fact not a promise!

When I hear the word promise, I immediately process it in a future tense. “I promise to…” means that in the future this will happen. I blame this on its definition, which points to the future.  I have read most of the Bible promises in the same way…it will happen in the future.

When I started looking at Bible promises as facts, they came alive!  Matthew 6:28 is the famous “Consider the Lilies of the field” text. If it is read as a promise, it says that some day God will provide all your daily needs. Forcing us to think there is something we have to do to get to the place where He will begin to supply.

When I read it as a fact, the entire picture changes. “Be anxious for nothing! God provides all your needs!”  So let’s check that off our list! All that is required of me – is to not worry. How is it possible that I need not worry about my daily needs? Because God provides them.  It’s a fact!

It’s a challenge to begin thinking this way. But once I did it, it became contagious. In a very measurable way, I stopped living in the future. Who needs to look to the future? If only 50% of the promises in the Bible are actually facts, it will take a lifetime to comprehend.

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