New Direction

On September 23, 2009 I began this blog as a way to record the ever changing-changes that were happening in the lives of my family and myself. 130 entries later, our lives barely resemble what they were a short 24 months ago.

This past September I felt it was time for some new challenges, new direction, new focus. After much thought, two concepts came to life. The first was to create a blog for kids. A daily collection of Proverbs, written on a level that nine and ten year-olds could read and six and seven year-olds could understand. Last weekend the first post was made to Proverbs for Kids. We were right, kids can read it, younger kids can understand it. Even better – adults are loving it!

The second concept, which carries as much excitement for me as Proverbs4Kids does, is Sunday School Theology 101. I have  begun to realize how important – and priceless – the hours were that I spent as a kid in Sunday School. The Old Testament Bible stories that I heard, the lessons learned, and the heroes created, have been stories that have stuck with me through the years. As I  share these stories with new friends, I have also come to realize that those who missed such training in their childhood, have missed a huge part of understanding who God is.  Thus the challenge; to start at Genesis and tell the Old Testament stories that have made such an impact on my life. Bible Stories for Adults, based on Sunday School Theology (no big words!). SST101 will launch next week with the first story found in the book of Genesis – In the beginning…GOD.

At first, thought this blog was coming to an end…BUT I know that when one begins a new challenge, new discoveries are always right around the corner…I expect I will want to report what I find around those corners!

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