Oktoberfest Terminoligy

These are few terms that will enhance your Oktoberfest experience:

aufstöin (v.): to donate a beer.

Batzerl (n.):  small amount of something.

biddscheen (n.):  please, can also mean “here you are” when someone is giving or serving something.

Brezn (n.):  Bavarian pretzel. Aesthetically twined string of dough, baked to a pastry. At the Oktoberfest, the giant “Riesnbrezn” are especially beloved.

daessn (v.):  to eat up

Deandl, Dirndl (n.):  girl. The second term can also be used for a traditional Bavarian livery.

Dusl (n.): luck.

eihebn (n.):  if you’re dizzy because of too much beer, you have to cling to something.

Fingahackln (n.):  Bavarian sport. Two men hook their middle fingers and try to pull the opponent over the table. Popular activity at the Oktoberfest.

Goaßmaß (n.):  Mixture of Coke, beer and cherry liqueur; has in fact nothing to do with Oktoberfest, something the Bavarians also vociferously verbalise: “Wos is’n des füra Schmarrn? Des arme Bier!” (What is that for an idiocy? Poor beer!)

Hoggableiba (n.):  repeater, guest who doesn’t want to go home. Proverb: “Do hogga di do, di do oiwa do hogga.” (There they sit, who always sit there).

Noagerlzuzla (n.):  person who drinks the last remainders from abandoned glasses, also used as a cuss.

ogschdocha (adj.):  tipsy.

Schuaplattler (n.):  Bavarian group dance for men, where you clap your hands on the thighs and the shanks.

zwieda (adj.):  bad tempered, ill-humoured.

Feel free to use all your new terms in sentence!

For a complete listing of terms:  http://www.oktoberfest.de/en/lexikon/

Oktoberfest terminoligy


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