The Easy Road

Something happens to us between being a teenager and having teenagers of our own. What we as teens thought was adventure somehow becomes danger. What we saw as a challenge becomes foolishness. We want to protect our kids from any struggles, any danger; we want them to be on the easy road.

My son had a choice nine months ago to take the easy road. He could have taken one child and ran, but instead he stayed to fight for four. Just this week I found myself saying, “God, please make his road easy.” Then I heard that voice…”Jeannie, why would you want his road to be easy? He didn’t choose the easy one!” He didn’t choose what was easy and as a result, there is going to be struggles. He took the tough road.

If you have started your own business; you’ve taken the tough road.
If you are attempting to break out of a difficult relations – tough road.
If you are determined to free yourself from an addiction – tough road.
If you’re trying to climb out from under piling debt – tough road.

The tough road has many exits, unlike the easy road; who wants to exit that one? For those who have chosen the tough road, I pray that your load is manageable and that you have the strength, endurance, and determination to make it to the end. May you only turn off to rest and never to exit. Tonight I salute those who have decided to take the tough road.

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