Don’t know nothin’

The speaker paused and said, “You sit around whining and complaining saying, ‘Why doesn’t God use me?’ (pause) Because you don’t know nothin’! Would you use you?”  Each time I replay it in my mind, I laugh.

Our world is full of experts who don’t know nothin’. This doesn’t prevent them from shouting their non-expertise from the rooftops. There are a handful of individuals who truly are experts, we don’t hear about them much – they have no need to shout.

I wonder if there is a course offered to the true experts on dealing with the experts who don’t know nothin’. I envision the textbook being very large to compensate for the lack of pages. There’s not much to say on the subject besides simple concepts such as:

  1. Don’t bother
  2. It’s a waste of your time.
  3. They won’t listen anyway.
  4. You have more important things to do.
  5. Just keep learning, they’ll figure it out someday.

I want to be a true expert. I want to know what I believe about life. And when I don’t, I want the guts to be able to say, “Don’t know about that yet, so I can’t comment.” I want to be so confident in what I know that I stop getting angry when I hear the experts who don’t know nothin’ shouting. I guess I need to take the course on dealing with the experts who don’t know nothin’. After all, most of what they say is non-sense; and as a wise old man once told me, “You can’t make sense of non-sense!”

I am wondering, would you use you?


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