Passover – 3 Seder Plate

The Seder Plate is another very important element of the tradition. Seder Plates come in all shapes and sizes as well as price ranges. Actually any plate will do. There are six areas marked on the Seder Plate which help us identify six elements of Passover.

1) “Zeroa” – a roasted chicken or lamb bone with most of the meat removed. This will represent the Passover offering. It will not be eaten.

2) “Beitzah” – a hard-boiled egg, representing the festival offering.

3) “Maror” – grated horseradish and/or romaine lettuce, for use as the “bitter herbs” representing suffering.

4) “Charoset” – made of apples, pears, nuts and wine, representing the mortar the Israelites used.  Charoset quickly becomes a favorite of the children, we always make a double recipe.

5) “Karpas” – a bit of vegetable, such an onion or potato, which is dipped in saltwater.

6) “Chazeret” — more bitter herbs, for use in the matzah-maror sandwich.

Also needed are wine cups or goblets for each participant and plenty of wine and grape juice for the kids (four cups each). Wine is a vital part of the Seder. Not being a big wine drinker, I personally have my bottle of sparkling something or other. Throughout the meal, blessings are recited in unison. As the evening progresses and the wine consumed, these blessing become more and more energized. As the final blessing is recited there is a noticeable change. Laughter, loud voices, glasses are raised, and of course a bit less unison.

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