Passover – 2 Haggadah

Passover is all about the Haggadah or the telling. It’s a requirement that each year families celebrate Passover to remember the Israelites exodus out of Egypt. Traditions are only created because someone remembers to tell a story or celebrate an event year after year.  The exodus out of Egypt happened 3300 plus years ago and the tradition continues.

The story of the exodus from Egypt started a journey of the Israelite people. The beginning of all journeys is separation. You’ve got to leave somewhere to go somewhere else. It is also the first step towards freedom: You ignore the voice of Pharaoh inside that mocks you, saying, “Who are you to begin such a journey?” You just get up and walk out.

This is the first meaning of the word, “Kadesh” (the beginning of the Seder) — to transcend the mundane world. Then comes the second meaning: Once you’ve set yourself free from your material worries, you can return and sanctify them. That is when true spiritual freedom begins, when you introduce a higher purpose into all those things you do.        

Translation…those times that we feel as if we are wandering around in the dessert, there is a higher purpose.

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