It’s a God thing

I typically hear people use this phrase when they are expressing joy about an event where the unexpected happened, or when everything seemed to fall into place, or when it felt as if something supernatural got involved… It’s a God thing.

I thought a lot about this statement during those months that Emery was in the NICU. As Emery consistently overcame the challenges put before her, we heard a lot of; “God answers prayer” and “It’s a God thing”. To be honest, it bothered me. Did this positive attitude toward God exist because Emery was pulling through? What about the little one who slept in the bed next to her for two days that didn’t make it, was that not a God thing too?

I don’t believe for a moment that Emery is doing well as some reward of having a lot of people praying. I believe Emery is doing well because she and God have something going on; I for one can’t wait to see what that is. As I get older, prayer has become less and less about what’s going on around me and more and more about what’s going on inside me. My prayer during those months was simply, “Thy will be done AND make us willing to accept YOUR will.”

It’s a God thing. ..isn’t it all a God thing?

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