It’s just $$$$

I don’t know when I became emotionally attached to money. I’m not sure if I really want to dig down deep to figure it out. I do know somewhere it happened; money, whether it’s in abundance or lack has always been emotional.

This became very apparent recently while I was visiting my son. I was there in hopes of being some assistance to this newly single dad of 4; appointments, meetings, and school schedules fill his days. Financially, this little family should be fine. That is, they should be fine if all the money due him actually gets to him. This particular day, the theme seemed to be “it may be your money, but someone else is using it.”

That evening, I made my way outside for a walk. I felt as if I was agonizing. In all that had transpired over the last 6 crazy months of my life, I had not felt this level of frustration.  A question came to mind; what about this bothers you the most? My answer; the money.  I stopped walking. REALLY?  The money?

During these past 6 months, I’ve seen miracles. I’ve witnessed the impossible happen and at this moment I am concerned about money?!?!? I wanted to fall to my knees. It’s just money. It isn’t a form of approval or disapproval. It isn’t a sign of security or abandonment.  My emotional connection to money – disconnected at that moment.  It’s just money…and it’s about time I began treating it that way!

As for the life changing moments in our lives, those times when a part of us is totally set free, sometimes they take years and sometimes they are moments. There is no doubt when they happen. Life changes. My life has seemed to change so many times in the past two years – I’m starting to think of them as one big moment!

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