It’s no secret to those that know us that our last several months have been anything but uneventful. The other night I said,”We have so much to be grateful for.” My husband replied, “I know. Just think of where we could be.”

Where we could be? Let’s recap. In early November our daughter gave birth to a little girl, at just 25 weeks. Emery was born weighing just 1lb., 10 oz. Then came the waiting. Waiting for the heart surgeon to tell us how her surgery went, the neurologist deciding how to deal with the fluid in her brain and the four months she spent in the NICU.  In January we received a call from our son informing us that his wife had just been arrested for domestic violence. What followed was an eviction notice, repossessions, court dates and child custody hearings – this was all in a short three months. I think we’ve been a lot!

I’ve learned so much through these experiences. Close to the top of the list is the lesson of waiting. It’s not my nature to wait. I’m a fixer, jump right in and solve the problem. I don’t jump anymore.  Nope, my jumping days are gone. I sits. It didn’t take me long to figure out what “sits” stands for; I Sit In Thy Stillness. It kind of goes along with, Be still and know that I am God. So I sits.

Just a few days ago I was on the phone with my sister discussing some exciting promotional opportunities for her children’s books. We were excited and nervous, not sure what would work and what we needed to leave on the table. In all the excitement Sue said, “We have to sits!” Yep, we had to sits. Guess what, we didn’t have to decide what to take on and what to leave behind. While we were sits-ing it all fell into place.

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