Tsunami 2011

I stood watching for the big tsunami this morning. As I listened to the multitude of cell phone conversations going on around me, it was clear that most of those who had joined me were tourists.  Some were excited, some were concerned, some thought they were seeing much more than was actually happening, and some were making their getaway plan…just in case.

There was one lady in particular whose phone conversation caught my attention. “I’m here on the beach. NOTHING’S HAPPENING! They said it would be here around 8:15, it’s already 8:30 and I don’t see anything!”

I had to chuckle. Of course she didn’t see anything, she wasn’t really watching. I saw the tide go out farther in 15 minutes than it is does during low tide in August, when the tide is at its lowest. I saw waves breaking far out on the horizon, a rarity. I saw the waves begin to make their way back in and create high tide in a short 10 minutes. I also realized that I was seeing the beautiful side of this tsunami; just hours ago, others observed its devastation.

“NOTHING’S HAPPENING?” Maybe you’re not watching, maybe you’re talking too much, maybe you’re expecting more than is ever going to happen.  Maybe if you would stop and quietly watch, you too could see something beautiful in what once was devastating.             Hmmmmm…sounds a bit like life, doesn’t it?

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