I’ve assisted family members as they began the process of cleaning out, downsizing, and organizing their stuff. I enjoy it. Yes, there are times I would like to throw them in the dumpster with their crap, but there is a great feeling when a once full, unorganized, messy area becomes clean, clear and livable.  My sister and I have talked about starting a company that helps people get organized. We never came up with a great name for the company, however I came up with our motto; We make your shit look attractive.

I love that motto. I think it describes what drives us most of our lives. The entire marketing world is based on that concept. Most managers are challenged to accomplish this for the company that employs them. A great sale person excels in this area.

When we find ourselves in a situation where we have to be honest, to tell the truth, or when we feel the need to come clean, we are driven to make our confession as ‘nice’ as possible. Making our screw-ups sound as ‘good’ as within our power to sound; finding all the reasons and outside forces that cause us to act in such a way.

Once you realize the humor in this behavior, you begin to see it everywhere. If you haven’t been aware of it, take a listen.  Making shit look attractive takes very little talent, but those with experience in this area are very entertaining.

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