Hit the ball, drag Harry

A man returned home after a day of golf, looking a bit more tired than usual, his wife ask how the day went.  He replied, “It was the longest game ever. Harry had a heart attack on the third hole and for the remained of the game it was, hit the ball drag Harry.”

I’m not a golfer, I’ve never attempted. I think perhaps I would enjoy it. I’m guessing that by the fifth or sixth hole my party would be asked to leave because our uncontrollable laughter would be causing others to be distracted.

I do understand the stress of hitting the ball and dragging Harry. I’ve been dragging Harry for approximately 45 years. Harry has taken on many personalities; hoping people will like me, be proud of me, want to be with me, see how smart I am, be my friend, or simply just not leave me…the list is endless.

This has been a year of letting go. Last week I realized that I wasn’t dragging Harry around. I dropped him a few holes back. It’s a wonderful feeling. I think this is what is referred to as being FREE! The sad thing is that Harry didn’t ask for me to drag him around. After all he was unconscious most of the time and would have appreciated if I had asked for help many years ago.

I can spot people a mile away who are dragging their own Harrys. They are tired, frustrated, sarcastic, depressed and searching desperately for that perfect golf course where they’ll win the colored jacket so they can feel, in some way, validated. See I know a little about golf, although I would never give a green jacket to someone. What fun is green?

The longer I live without the strain of dragging Harry the more I like it! I like it so much that I promise never to drag Harry again. I even like it to the point that when I pass others dragging their own Harry, I will let them know that they don’t need to be dragging him around.

Hopefully, some will listen and leave Harry with someone who can help him. And maybe those of us who have found this new freedom will play a round of golf together. I’m guessing that we will be asked to leave before we make the third hole…you do a lot of laughing when you are free!

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