Slow, STOP, Slow, STOP, GO

I feel as if for the last few months I’ve been driving on a two lane road that’s under construction.  There hasn’t been any cross streets allowing me to turn off. The shoulder is under construction as well, so don’t think for one moment about going around. There are dump trucks, bulldozers, other big pieces of machinery (which I don’t know the names for) and lots of men in orange vests holding signs that read; Slow, STOP and of course that particular sign that confirms the wait is over, GO.

I’ve actually enjoyed watching the construction; the landscape changing, new dirt being brought in, and old broken blacktop being taken away. Perhaps I’ve finally grown up and realize there is a process for everything, watching that process can bring almost as much pleasure as the completion.

There has been a few times where the men in orange have accidently turned the STOP sign to GO, giving hope that all is complete and I can be on my way. He quickly corrects his mistake by turning the sign back to STOP.

I’ve been on this road other times in my life. On those trips however, I don’t recall that I enjoyed them. I was anxious to get moving, desperate to arrive at my intended location. I was running late, feeling the pressure to make up time. Late for what? Arriving where?

This time I’ve noticed the hillside, the fantastic trees that line the road, the beautiful shore line, the details on the dump trunk, which are very interesting by the way. I’ve talked to the man in orange as he stood close to my window holding his sign. I’ve turned on the radio and sung along with a few songs. On a few occasions I actually put the car in park and just sat.

My new friend in orange just turned his sign to GO and is waving me on. I hesitate for a moment. Is it a mistake? Will he quickly turn the sign around? No, it looks like its all clear. I can finally move…interesting…I’m actually hoping it is a mistake. Perhaps I’ll be fortunate to run into more construction ahead!

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