I want God for you.

I heard myself say, “I want God for you.” Then I stopped and asked myself what does that mean. It means I want whatever God has in store for you. I want Him to be in total control of your life. I want you to love, depend and trust Him.

“I want God for you” sounds honorable, perhaps even super spiritual. Then I asked myself, “What does that mean for me?” I was humbled by the response.  “I want God for you” requires me to give up any control I have of your life. No matter what our relationship is, it requires letting go of your hand and allowing you to walk ahead or behind if you so choose.

“I want God for you” forces me to realize that my hopes and dreams for you are just that – mine.  They are not yours and it is unfair of me to expect you to fulfill them for me. This thought takes humility to the next level. It brings to the surface a multitude of personal scares, crushed dreams and unfulfilled hopes.

“I want God for you” makes me promise to give up my viewpoint. This is not my point of view; this is the level from which I view your life. I must realize that my vantage point is limited; it may be scarred, and is likely blurred. I must trust God, as He sees the beginning and the end. I, of course, cannot.

In short, “I want God for you” means:

  • I give up control
  • I realize the my hopes and dreams for you are mine not yours
  • I relinquish my view point, that is the vantage point I have when I view your life.

“I want God for you” requires me to:

  • Give you to God and trust you are in His control
  • No longer place my hopes and dreams on your life, rather my hopes for you must become the plans that God has for you.
  • Trust that God is watching you from His view point, He sees what I cannot.

I can honestly say, with all my being that “I want God for you!”

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