If you only flap your right wing, don’t you just go in circles?

I’m greatly confused by those so called conservative, right wing and tea party-ers.  At what point in time did the Constitution allowing for freedom of speech void the Godly principle of respecting authority? Why is it acceptable to speak out in anger and disrespect for our elected leaders?

As I think of the Old Testament bible stories, I am reminded of Daniel, Esther and those three guys, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Weren’t all these individuals living in foreign lands?  Weren’t they all being ruled by kings they didn’t vote for? Yet, God somehow figured out how to use them in ways that change entire kingdoms.

Perhaps these individuals were used by God because they held tightly to their beliefs and were willing to pay the consequence if the King didn’t agree with them. Perhaps they were useful to God because they understood that no matter who is in control, God Almighty still reigns. Perhaps their names are recorded in history because they understood that obeying God’s rules was more important than their freedom of speech. Perhaps they were taught as children to respect authority.

I wonder what our country would be like if those so called conservative, right wing, tea party-ers where actually men and women whose lives mirrored those of Daniel, Esther and those three guys? Wouldn’t it be ironic if those screaming for America to return to its Christian heritage were the ones standing in the way?

I’m thinking we should clip a few right wings so we can stop flying in circles.

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