I don’t want to do it all alone…

I had the opportunity to spend a few days with co-workers as we participated in a team building retreat. We played games, made a human chain that had to move from one end of a log to the other without breaking the chain or falling off the log. In the afternoon we were taken out of doors to a rope course. High above the ground was a series platforms connected by rope bridges.

I successfully climbed up to the main platform, sat down and remained there watching the others make their way with laughter and screams from one platform to the next. I was very comfortable sitting where I was, after all just climbing up that high was a great accomplishment for me.

A vision of that platform and rope bridge has been very vivid in my imagination recently. If given the chance now, I do believe that I would confidently step out and cross that bridge. In fact, there have been a few times over the past few weeks when I have felt hesitant, fearful or apprehensive and I see myself standing on that platform confidently stepping onto the bridge. Laughing at myself, I say, “Well, that wasn’t so bad.”

I have always been very independent. There are several reason for this, the main one comes from childhood were I felt there was no one there to help me. As I’ve envisioned myself stepping off the platform, I am stepping off alone. Why have I never asked someone to hold my hand and walk with me? Why am I still trying to do it all by myself? To be honest, I don’t know.

I have a dentist appointment coming up and I can think of a thousand reasons why I should cancel it. I’ve even stepped off the platform and it hasn’t changed my mind. So I thought I should try asking for help. Jeff will come with me and hold my hand, because I’m tired of doing it alone.

…if you ever catch me standing tall, preparing to take a giant step to the right, feel free to take my hand as I am starting to enjoy not doing it alone.

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