Pismo Beach

We settled into our hotel room in Pismo Beach. Pismo Beach is a classic beach town. Population 8,000 of which 40% are vacation homes and those people are not there year round. During the summer and on weekends the town is hopping with surfers and people from the valley coming to the coast to find relief from heat.

That first night after we walked along the beach and watched the sun set, I started the search for rental properties. During the hour or so that I was on line a rental popped up on Craig’s list that looked interesting. I made contact and we set up a showing. We had several showing scheduled by noon the next day. Jeff and I were not looking for much. We had just moved out of a 900 square foot condo, space was not an issue to us. We did have a dog and there was not an abundance of placed that allowed four legged animals.

As we began to walk through places we decided that living for a year on the beach was exciting enough, we could settle with very little to know that the beach was just down the block. The third place we looked at was the one that had popped up on Craig’s List the first night we were here.

When we pulled up to the house it appeared to be full of people. We assumed two were the owners and the rest were people looking at the unit. As we walked through the unit we were trilled. Everything that we could have hoped for; a fire place, a yard, washer and dryer, water softer and the front porch just happed to have a view of the ocean. Shortly after we had seen the entire place the owner excused himself and met the next couple who had arrived to see the place.
I would never consider Jeff and I aggressive individuals. But that afternoon we were stacking our claim. With checkbook in hand, Jeff offered to write a check right there for the deposit and first months rent. Signed sealed and delivered, we had a place to live and it was far above anything we had anticipated having. We were not sure how long this adventure would last, but for the first year we were going to live in Pismo Beach, CA…the very place that Bugs Bunny vacations!

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