We did have a deadline for our arrival in California. The townhouse we were planning on purchasing was scheduled to close the day after we arrived. There had been some bumps along the road with the financing of this unit. Resolutions were always found but it wasn’t a smooth process. The route we chose to get us to the central coast brought us down from the north in order to drive pass the condo we were planning on moving into. As we drove into the area I began to feel very ill. I had been fighting panic attaches the entire trip and assumed the feeling in my stomach was because of those. But as we drove through the complex, I became more and more uncomfortable.

We had purchased the final unit, construction had ended. This unit was located at the end of all the construction. All around the area were empty lots with plumbing pipes sticking up out of the ground. Large electrical boxes dotted the empty lots. All of this looked very normal for an area with new construction. The problem was there was no more new construction. What would happen to these empty lots? Who was going to be responsible for their up keep? In a year would this undeveloped area be overgrown? What would happen to market values of the units?

We had not sold our condo in Chicago and market values there had already dropped. We did not want to be the proud owners of two condos worth less than what we had invested in them. It did not take much discussion. Jeff picked up his phone, made a call and informed them that we would be unable to go through with the closing. We were both relieved. The next few days would have one priority, find a place to rent ’cause our stuff was leaving the dock in Chicago and would be here in a week.


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