There’s a Turkey in the Oven

Our worst week of the year flowed into the following week. The tile installer was kind enough to work on Sunday, returning on Monday to make sure all was well. That afternoon Jeff and Austyn were the first home. By the time I arrived home most of the condo was put back together. No more drop cloths or tools. The kitchen appliances were out of the dinning room and back in their proper places in the kitchen. the dining room table was centered under the candelabra. It was home again.

As we sat on the sofa enjoying the order that had been given back to us Austyn turned to me and said, “By the way there was a turkey in the oven.”

I was following a very healthy diet program since the beginning of the year in hopes that I could make it through this year of change and remain healthy. Part of the diet was turkey, so each week I would roast a turkey portion it out for my lunches. Because our place was so small and our 70 pound lab-retriever loved turkey, I had gotten in to the habit of placing the turkey carcass back in the oven to cool before I threw it out. Apparently with all the commotion of the week I had failed to toss that carcass out before the kitchen was emptied out for the tile installation.

Turkey in the oven? I can’t believe it didn’t start to smell in here.” We laughed at the thought of a turkey rotting away inside the stove that had been sitting in the middle of our dining room for the past week.

Well, what’s for dinner?” was the question. Well, I can tell you it would not be. It would not be turkey.

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