Who Told You You Were Naked?

a simple faith in a complicated world by jeannie Bruenning

And He said, “Who told you that you were naked? Genesis 3:11

In the beginning was a God, a man, and a woman. The two humans were secluded, protected, and cared for by their God. They had only to enjoy their lives. These three were in-sync. Best of all, Adam and Eve knew God’s voice, a voice of love, protection, and provision. And God knew theirs.

Enter a new voice. Up until this moment, there were no other voices. No outside influence – just these three. As the story goes, a serpent spoke to Eve. That in itself is weird and yet Eve doesn’t seem bothered by it. It’s a new voice, one that doesn’t to speak of love, protection, and acceptance. Instead, it speaks of achievement, lies, doubt, and fear. 

And now, there are two voices…

When the voice of Love calls once again for His two friends, they do not respond. When they finally answer, they use new words – afraid, blame, fear, nakedness. Then the voice of Love asks, “Who told you that you were naked?”

God didn’t care about the act, He didn’t care who did what first. His concern was simply – who are you choosing to listen to?

The same applies to us, “Who told YOU that you are naked?” 

Who told you that you are incapable? unacceptable? unwanted? stupid?

Who told you that you are ugly, fat, untalented, boring, unloveable?

Who told you that you are naked?

Is it possible that the real issue for Adam and Eve was who they chose to listen to? Who are you choosing to listen to? Who is telling you – you are naked?

There are many Faiths that speak with both voices. They tell of a God who loves and damns. They teach we can be forgiven but that we are also wretched sinners. They say God welcomes all but require certain ‘sins’ to be fixed to sit at their table. Love is always the filter in discerning a voice. 

As we know, where there is love there is no fear, judgement, or condemnation.

This is an excerpt from, A Simple Faith in a Complicated World, expected to release in Summer of 2022.

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Planting Life

a simple faith in a complicated world by jeannie Bruenning
Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a person sows, this he will also reap. Galatians 6:7

Science refers to it as Cause and Effect; for every action there is a reaction. The entire universe operates on the Law of Sowing and Reaping. Agriculture is the best example. Even the financial world invests with hopes of reaping great dividends. 

This law is an absolute, it is also the road map for our lives. We love to think that when we do good, good is going to return to us. But not as excited to think that we often also plant seeds of unpleasantness. 

Sowing the negative is not always intentional. It comes naturally to most of us. Why is it so easy to pass judgment on other’s when we are on the outside looking in? It is in those moments of quick judgement and criticism that we set a future course for our own lives. 

How often in the midst of our own unpleasant circumstances, are we reminded of a time where we lacked compassion for someone else walking a similar path. It’s like watching a rerun  except now we have been cast to play the role.

Is it even impossible to live a life completely void of judgement and criticism? Control such thoughts on our own is exhausting! When we apply it to our own lives, the Law of Sowing and Reaping becomes overwhelming.

But God always provides a safety net.  

It is called forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tool available to us. We complicate it with excuses; Why we shouldn’t offer it? Is it really deserved? Do you know what they did? 

Forgiveness comes with no expectations, no requirements. In fact, no one needs to hear us say it. Once spoken, these two little words change our circumstances and ourselves. 

“I forgive.”  

Forgiveness of others frees us to love, forgiveness of us ourselves frees us to live. 

A conversation among friends

“What did I do to deserve this?” he asked jokingly.

“If you think hard enough, I’m sure you can remember,” I said and we both laughed – and then a weird quiet took over.

“Did you remember?” I asked leaning into him. He nodded. 

“SAY THE WORDS!” I shouted much louder than intended. “Say the words and stop the crazies!” Closing his eyes, I read his lips, “I forgive.” 

“Who?”, I asked. “Who needs the forgiveness?”

“Me.” He said, “Forgive me for being so judgmental.” 

Like magic, the weird quiet exited and we both felt the world change. 

This is an excerpt from, A Simple Faith in a Complicated World, expected to release in Summer of 2022.

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Ease and Rest


A Simple Faith in a Complicated World

“Faith is hard,” my friend said – and my heart broke. I don’t believe God intended for it to be difficult. I do believe we have made it so. 

Can faith really be simplified? Yes. The world is complicated and we’ve allowed our lives to be overly complicated, but our faith doesn’t have to be. 

These are simple beliefs for a profound faith. They fill me with wonder and amazement.


Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is comfortable, and My burden is light. Matthew 11:28-30

Ease and Rest

How often we find ourselves weary and burdened, needing rest. Jesus offers us relief. He invites us to not only lean on Him but also learn from Him. He offers us rest for our being and the deepest part of us, our soul.

As a yoke connects two oxen, Jesus’s yoke connects us to Him and allows us to work in partnership with Him. In that bond of two, we learn to be gentle and humble. Best of all, it is where we find ease and rest. 

In times when we feel the weight of the world beginning to crush us, we must pause to see where along the way we became disconnected from this magical yoke. When did striving, anxiety, and fear replaced our gentle and humble heart, and we began to grow weary. 

Jesus’ yoke is always available to us.

Accept His invitation and again get reconnected. It is because of our partnership with Him that we find comfort and our burdens are lightened.

Jesus’s offering of words such as rest, comfort, gentle, and humble are not only words for living life, they should define our faith. How quickly faith can become a religion, creating rules and expectations, causing us to feel burdened and weary – rarely feeling easy. Jesus’s yoke is easy. It is comfortable. It is humble and gentle. Those are the words that defines His religion. 

Do they define ours?  

His yoke is easy.

A conversation among friends

“You look tired,” I said. “Everything ok?”

“I’m feel like I’m working so hard at life…I wish it was easy?”

I smiled. “There’s a big difference between ease and easy. We’ll never have it easy, but we can always be at ease.”

This is an excerpt from, A Simple Faith in a Complicated World, expected to release in Summer of 2022.

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The Plan

The Plan was the first book I can truly say I felt inspired to write. It started with a simple thought, What if our world was created for a bigger purpose than anything I had ever been told? That thought turned into a driving force that put me in front of my computer until I had written 35 pages of a very rough story. That was almost 10 years ago.

Today, this is a story I still love. The characters have become more real to me than I ever thought possible. It’s also a story I love to share. Since we find ourselves with lots of time on our hands, I thought I’d break The Plan down into daily readings and share it with my friends.

So here it is. The Plan in chapter by chapter blog posts. I hope you enjoy it!


A Story of Redemption

To the Fallen Souls who have not realized the need for forgiveness, May your journey lead you back to the King.


Chaos had overtaken the entire Kingdom. The sounds of people yelling and shouting blended together with the pleading and wailing of the loved ones they were leaving behind. It was so loud that Konnory couldn’t make out his own footsteps on the stone floor as he sprinted up the stairs and down the hall towards the Dining Room. The fear and confusion had given birth to a darkness that was quickly enveloping the Kingdom.

The King and Queen looked up as Konnory rushed through the door into the Dining Room. Without a word he walked over to the Queen, leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Mother,” he said softly. She did not reply other than simply nodding her head in acknowledgement. Konnory walked behind the King and took the empty chair that sat next to Him. “Magnor has reported,” Konnory said.

“He is still with the troops?” the King asked.

“Yes, he is. He has ordered that no one is to make any attempt to prevent anyone from leaving. A few have already challenged that command. Now, they stand together and watch as family and friends walk through the gates.” Konnory’s head dropped. 

“They must. It is agonizing. This will be the most difficult experience of their lives. But they must let them go. It is their choice. Holding anyone back will not be tolerated,” the King said as He reached out and took the Queen’s hand. 

With each moment the crowd heading towards the gates grew. The gate was opened and a flood of figures began pouring out into the darkness. Above the roar there were shouts of triumph and screams of anguish. 

The Dining Room door opened once again. Carasi stood holding a ledger. “Father, Magnor has reported that there are those within the ranks of the Captains that have left. It also seems that Waldemar has left.” The King closed His eyes and the Queen gripped His hand tighter. “Do you want to put an end to this?” Carasi asked.

“We must not,” the King replied. “They are each making the choice for themselves. We will honor their free will to do so.”

“But Father, we are losing so many!”  Carasi protested. “They don’t understand that once they are outside of those gates…”

“No,” interrupted the Queen. She spoke gently but with great authority. “We must honor their choice.”  Carasi bowed his head and took his leave. As he opened the door, a wave of shouts from outside flooded the room.

The castle itself had almost entirely emptied of people. Trays of food and bottles of wine had been left on shelves by attendants who had rushed outside to see what was happening. Servants had abandoned their brooms and mops as they sprinted home to check on loved ones. Scattered piles of papers and documents lay strewn across the Throne Room bearing witness to where the King’s advisors and scribes had been standing when the shouting began.

“He has done great damage,” the King said. His words brought a weight of certainty and heaviness into the room. “Konnory, go find your brothers, no one should be alone on this day.” 

Konnory hesitated, not wanting to leave them. Not wanting to leave the security that the Dining Room embodied. Eventually he found the strength to stand and walk out into the storm.

“He has done as he threatened,” said the Queen.

“Yes My dear. Patho has waged his war and taken his prisoners. When the last one has left and the gates close, that is when the real battle begins,” said the King.

“Are you sure it is a battle we want to fight?” the Queen asked ever so gently.

“This is not about what I want to do. But we must,” the King said as He raised the Queen’s hand to His lips and kissed it.  Another wave of shouting was heard just outside the window. The cries of mourning and screams of anguish continued well into the night.

Excerpt from The Plan, ©2011 Jeannie G Bruenning

The Crew | Prickly Pear


family hacienda and the prickly pear by jeannie bruenning

A friend of mine commented that our family hacienda adventure should be wonderful since our personalities are very similar. I nodded a blank nod and later, as I recalled the conversation, I had to chuckle. 

The same personalities…us? The same? Have you met us? We are a very diverse crew, some may argue we are six opposites. 

I thought I should take inventory of just who are these people I’m going to be living with…

We’ll start with the old people.

Jeff has a soul of a musician and a heart of an actor. He claims to have only had 3 bosses in his thirty plus year career which proves he’s quite stable. He isn’t exactly an adventure seeker and is a natural at pointing out why something (mostly my ideas) won’t work. 

Next is me, a writer who is grateful that we will never, ever run out of the color orange. I love adventures and the thought of walking on water makes my heart skip a beat. Where most people have a thought, I have an idea and they never stop coming. It’s just how I’m wired.

The next generation starts with a brilliant philosopher who has a cynical sense of humor. He knows how to brew beer and distill spirits. He makes the most amazing cinnamon whisky thing I’ve ever tasted. There’s been some amazing brew creations that have been consumed at Oktoberfest and a wedding reception.

He’s attached to a chef, she’s the newest to the cast. She’s a bit angelic and if she were my daughter, I’d claim she got her angelic-ness from me! She creates amazing delicacies that we can eat all day. She loves to fry things!! Best of all, she doesn’t suffer fools.

That brings me to the photographer/artist who sees all of life as though looking through a camera lens. Her ability to understand color and light is genius. Recently, she tried her hand at creating websites and they are amazing. She never tires of the crazy moments in life. She is strong, intelligent, opinionated, caring and free.

She’s connected to a pilot who knows how to fix airplanes ( and just about anything else that breaks). He is also an engineer and knows how to install high speed Internet on private jets. There’s a big fancy name for what he does, but I’m sure I couldn’t spell it. He’s creating our very own server so we don’t have to depend on internet for our entertainment at the hacienda. I don’t have a clue how this works but it sound very exciting.

The third generation begins with a 16 1/2 year old who is discovering life and will be getting her drivers license soon. There’s an almost 10 year old who loves building robots and baking pies without using a recipe. He assures us that an ATV is in his future and he’ll be responsible for taking the garbage down the hill. We have our very own 8 year old Pokemon expert who requires lots of snacks and a 5 month old who loves to sing and laugh and pretty much takes center stage when she enters a room. There are currently 2 cats and 1 dog who have never met and we expect will keep their distance once living under the same roof.

That’s our crew. A musician and a writer, a brew master and chef, an artist and engineer. It’s about as diverse as they come. Our only true similarity is that we love each other’s craziness and appreciate what each brings to the table. We need each other’s strengths and can laugh at our own weaknesses.

Together we make one crazy – and very diverse – family.

Prickly Pear

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I’ve been saying it for years, Someday, we’re going to have a hacienda…lots of rooms and California style outside living spaces where we can live, dream and create.

My great excitement was usually met with blank stares, wrinkled noses and a few rolled eyes. You see, my loving family are more of the dream busters type than the dream makers.

In 2018 I changed my approach. Someday we’re going to have a little ranch where we can all live in separate houses (this is very important to dream busters, they don’t like co-habitating). We’ll have a goat, chickens, a cow and we can develop the land….

To my delight and amazement the eyes stopped rolling and I actually got a few nods. One of those dream busters said, “This is the first time it sounds interesting.”

I’m not sure what it was, the goat or cow or chickens, but we all began to talk about our new dream.  We said things like;

  • Just 2 miles in that direction where it’s a little warmer in the summer.
  • Maybe not a cow, it would be hard to eat old Bessey after raising her.
  • We can have lots of gardens…
  • 2 years, in 2020 we’ll all be ready…two years…

Something magical happens when a group of people start believing in a dream. When they start seeing an idea as a possibility, their worlds begin to shift.

It’s the end of January of 2019 and less than two short weeks ago we made an appointment to see the first property that looked like it may have potential. A large ugly blue ranch home on 2.9 acres sitting on top of a hill just 2 miles in that direction.

Tomorrow is February 1st, the day our loan will be approved, notices will be given, packing will begin and this family of dream busters will prepare to begin a new adventure of creating our very own California Hacienda.

Hidden amongst the overgrowth of scrubs and weeds that cover the hillside on our new property is a large cluster of the cactus with giant rubbery leaves that appear to be stuck together making each a unique shape. This intriguing cactus is called Prickly Pear.

What a great name! The sweetness of a pear combined with the prickliness of a cactus. What a great description for a group of individuals beginning a new adventure that will undoubtedly stick us together in unique ways.

So here we go, three separate families endeavoring to make a new way of life on top of a hill… just 2 miles in that direction!!