I’m intrigued with the idea that our emotions can be measured as energy. Laughter, joy, love, are positive energy, while anger, hatred, anxiety are negative. 

There seems to be an abundance of negative energy these days. We seem to ooze anger, hatred, anxiety, resentment and fear. 

I recently listened to a series of books written in 1910 by Walter Wattles. Mr Wattles has taken a scientific approach to this subject. 

Wattles was convinced that we have the power to change our world by controlling our emotions; positive energy creates more positive energy and  negative energy creates more negativity. He says if medicine is focused on illness, it will create more illness. On the other hand, if medicine is focused on wellness, it will create wellness. Religion based on fear creates more fear. Faith based on love will create – love.

How does this translate into our current world environment? How does it effect our daily lives? Scientifically it would make sense that if we want to change a negative situation, fighting it with negative energy will not give us the result we desire. Sadly, when we come out fighting against something, we are actually increasing that which we hoped to eliminate or change. 

The only way to change negative energy source is to weaken it with positive energy. This is no easy task. It’s much easier to come out fighting. 

36270697_10156007745914079_3011563989155971072_nI saw this book cover on Facebook today and it grabbed me. I’ve not read the book, but I love the cover. Hard Times Require Furious Dancing.

That’s it! We have to find the strength to dance. Difficult times require us to create all the joy, love, laughter, graciousness, happiness, peace, generosity that we can muster – because it is the only way that we can defuse negativity.

This isn’t ignoring negative situations or living with our head in the sand. Far from it. It is a determination not to get sucked into its negative hold.  It’s choosing to flood the world we have control of with an abundance of positive energy. In doing so, we have the ability to weaken it’s power. If enough of us do it, we can defuse it all together and possibly replace it with good. 

Hard Times Require Furious Dancing! What a beautify image.  What a powerful statement. 

Negativity can not be fought with negativity –  it will loose it’s power when we choose to furiously dance!

Hard Times Requre Furious Dancing, New Poems by Alice Walker

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Welcome to my new home on the inter-web! It’s like moving from an apartment to a real house.

The Jeep is gone – not in real life, heavens no! Just the images. The jeep will be around for a long time. It does need new tires however. They’re starting to look like old Converse gym shoes, the ones that look great on top but have no traction. Every time I climb into my Jeeper I picture myself at 70, 80 even 90 swing my right leg in and pulling myself up. By that time it will be less about the jeep and more about, “Look what I can still do!!”

I’m using my full name now. No more jeanniegb. I wonder if that’s a sign that I’m more comfortable with who I am and not afraid to put  my name on it. But it could be that the names are almost equal in size and make a classy logo for the header. There are too many n’s in my name. My signature is a J followed by a bunch of humps, a B followed by a bunch of humps and is finished off with the tail of the g.

The brilliant designers at A+B|Photo+Design made this for me. It’s almost done. Feel free to take a tour. The road map is to your right. The only room that isn’t finished is “Available Books.”

Which has made me think about those books I’ve written in the past 9 years. Me, writing books!! All my english teachers would shake their heads in disbelief. Mom taught us to speak properly, which is a good thing cause I never understood any of the “rules of the english language”. I can tell you what a noun and a verb are, but that’s about all. And anyway, all we need to know is what it was and what it did, right?

Back to books…”What’s your favorite?” I get asked. That’s like asking “Who is your favorite kid?” The answer to both those questions changes regularly…

Mr Hobbins was the first and I love him (the book and character) dearly.

Your Wagon is a Saggin’ is all about emotions.

Lessons Learned in Retail Management is a tribute to my life in that world.

Memoir of Beatrice Miller makes me laugh just thinking about her and her crazy aunt, but mostly about the ways they get rid of people.

The Plan is my true love. Telling my favorite stories from the Bible as they layout in my mind. The Captive, A Story of Fear and Forgiveness (2018) is the sequel, and I may love it the best.

Living Unstuck, finding your joy is hot off the presses. It’s a game changer. It’s a life changers. I can say this because I’ve tested it’s contents and it has changed my life in ways I never dreamed possible.

So thanks for visiting my new home and allowing me to share some of my favorite things with you. Come back often. I hope you find warmth and comfort here. Next time bring a friend and maybe we can share a glass of wine while we watch the sun setting over the ocean. Cheers!

A Silver Thread

Silver Thread Publishing allows me to make an authors dream come true by putting their work into print. How often can we actually hold our dream? Books do that for us, they start with an idea and eventually turn into thousands of words printed neatly on a page. Books allow us to hold those original thoughts in our hands.

I love working with Authors. I love making books. Few moments equal the excitement of watching a nervous author opening a plan cardboard box containing their work. The first time they see it, the first time they feel the cover, the first time the pick it up and embrace it, hugging it like a teddy bear. It’s a pretty cool gig.

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