I just recently realized what the saying, Six to one, half-a-dozen to another means. All my life I thought it referred to a mathematical equation – like a ratio.

6 is to 1 like 1/2 of 12 is to another; another equalling X, thus 6:1 = 6:X.

The equation made sense but what was mind boggling was how this equation trickled down into our everyday vocabulary, especially when it came to ordering donuts.

You can imagine my surprise as Jeff and I were driving past Big Tire and I realized that perhaps this mathematical theory was simply referring to the number 6 and the different ways it can be described.

It’s like the Glass half-empty or half-full saying. I love half-full people and I hope the half-empty people will someday see life differently. But if it weren’t for the half-empty people, the half-full people wouldn’t have so many opportunities.

I wish the world was divided into these two groups; half-empty, half-full. But I know it’s not.

I feel sad for the Why isn’t anyone filling up my glass people.

And there’s always the Where did I put my glass? folks.

We’ve all met the I believe that’s my glass person.

In our house we have someone who puts all the glasses in the dishwasher before we’re done with them so we become Where’d my glass go? people.

There seems to be a rule that there’s always a no one gave me a glass guest at every party.

And the precise, did you wash that glass? ones.

There’s the patient I’m waiting for the perfect glass who have a difficult time with the I’ll drink out of anything people.

Then there’s my favorite, Do you have a pitcher?

Half-full, half-empty – it’s kinda like 6 to 1, half-a-dozen to another!