Gummie Bears, the miracle drug.

Having Emery around is always an adventure. During this current visit we are watching the barometric pressure closely to see what variances affect her the most. I have my wunderground weather map open of the computer at all times, allowing me to quickly access any drop or rise in pressure.

This past Sunday we were going 80 on the highway and didn’t realize that we had crossed through a low pressure front. Emery realized it and within less than a minute went from normal, to coughing, to throwing up. I may not be able to control the weather, but I can try to forecast it in hopes of keeping Emery her crazy high-energy self and not attached to a barf bag.

Emery typically has three responses when asked “How’s your head?” The first is, “It hurts.” If she’s smiling, we expect that she just wants some really good tasting medicine. If she’s sad, we get her that really good tasting medicine. Sometimes she’ll say, “It’s good,” and then a second later, “But not so good.” This response also qualifies for either ibuprofen or Tylenol. A few months ago she was getting medicine to prevent seizures twice a day; the fact that ibuprofen and Tylenol now fill her medicine bag gives reason to celebrate.  When Emery replies, “Good,” and there’s no follow-up, I shout and cheer and jump around the room which requires her to say, “Neenee, don’t do that.” So I stop, but continue on in my head.

This evening she came up to me with a smile on her face and said, “My head hurts.” Using the knowledge I have gained from studying my weather maps, observing her behavior, and basically just listening to her mother, I responded, “I’m sorry, we can’t have anymore medicine. How about a Gummi Bear? Do you think that would help?”

“Two red ones and a yellow one would.”

“They would?”

“Come on Neenee, let’s go get those healthy Gummi Bears!”

We’re making progress!

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