21 – She’s a woman not a wife

At the beginning of Proverbs 31, Queen Mum is giving instruction about what kind of woman her son should seek in a partner. She wasn’t saying “find this wife and take her from her current husband”. She was describing the qualities required to be a wife, mother, and partner. She was describing a woman first, a woman worthy of being her son’s partner.

We get caught up in all of her successes of a dutiful wife, but that is not the Queen Mum’s intent. She was saying, look for these qualities in a woman.

We start as a woman. We are an individual with a brain, a soul, a heart, and a purpose – according to Queen Mum – that purpose is to be the best woman we can be. Isn’t this what we desire for our daughters, and for our sons? Isn’t this the kind of woman we want to be friends with, be in partnership with, be in business with? Isn’t this who we desire to become?

I pray that  you find the desire to become a woman of valor. May you walk each day knowing that you are becoming everything you were intended to be. May you lack for nothing, and may you know where your strength comes from. May your children rise up and call you blessed and may your praises be song at the gates. And if some day we are fortunate enough to meet, I trust we will know in our souls that we are kindred sisters, we are woman of valor.

This concludes our look into the character of a woman of valor. Thanks for following!


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