10 – Strength

Audio Lesson: https://youtu.be/g7yLip3lVic

She girds her loins with vigor and strengthens her arms.

Sometime we read scriptures as some spiritual metaphor and sometimes we can just read it literally. I’m going with literal on this one and it’s called being physically fit.

I’m not sure I’ve ever described someone to have vigorous legs. It’s an image that makes me laugh. It takes work to have vigorous legs, or in other words strong legs. It doesn’t just happen and if you are anywhere over the age of 39 you know it doesn’t keep happening. It requires exercise and sometimes it requires a lot of it.

In my time managing a woman’s clothing store, I had a lot of opportunity to observe women’s behaviors when it came to accepting their bodies. The average age of our customer was 50 plus. I learned early on that most woman over 60 don’t like their arms, thus they don’t go sleeveless. I decided I wasn’t going to be that woman, so I started lifting weights 3 times a week. I don’t want bulging biceps, but I refuse to repeat the words I’ve heard from hundreds of customers, “I hate my arms.” There so much else to hate in this world, I don’t think flabby arm should be the priority.

Vigorous legs and strong arms. This is a woman who takes care of her physical self. She makes it strong, she keeps it healthy, she plans to be around for a while.

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