Their devils, My God

A good friend and I were talking about some difficult interactions we had encountered over the past week or so. The ones where it’s easy for the other person to suck the life out of you – fill your mind with frustrating conversation, and even push a few buttons.

She shared that after one such encounter, she had allowed it to affect her for several days. She didn’t sleep well and her entire day was filled with negative thoughts. On day four she said, “I realized I was allowing their devil to come into my life.” Interesting perspective, I thought.

We talked further about trying to balance difficult individuals in our lives. Mid sentence, she slapped her hand on the table and said, “That’s it! Allowing myself to take on their devils stopped me from sharing the love of my God.”

We’re warned not to get sucked into other’s problems. Not to become an enabler. Not to be a fixer. But why? Until that moment, I believed it was a way to protect ME. It now appears to have a much larger purpose. When I take on your devils, I can’t share my God’s love with you…

…and love trumps devils every time!

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