Day 29

Me, me…what do you think about me?

I have become so very aware of how our culture has become self-centered, self-serving and self-indulgent. It’s easy to see it in the our culture, it’s a bit more difficult to find it in our churches, our religions, our beliefs. But if you stop and listen for a moment, you will see it, you will hear it.

What can God do for me? Who’s going to help me? Why has this happened to me? Our entire lives revolve around me. In the good times and bad, I and my needs consume the mind.

The purpose of these 31 days was to focus on God and how much He loves me. Not what he can do for me, but how much He loves and desires a holy relationship with me. There is a tipping point when one begins to realize just how much God does love us, we begin to see how much we do not deserve to be loved. That doesn’t stop God. It does create a choice; Will I focus again on how I don’t deserve such love, OR will I focus on how much God loves me?

Life is so much more fun when I replace God for me. Surprisingly, all those terrible things don’t seem so terrible. My needs no longer appear to be so great. Best of all, God’s love becomes deeper and deeper each day. Oh to be lost in His love rather than my pain.

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