Day 27

They just don’t understand.

It started Thursday night and ran full force into Sunday. It began with a frustrating day. Add to that a headache. Add a feeling that no one cares and the weekend was set up to be quite depressing. This was my last weekend. I thought there was a lesson to be learned, that God was trying to get my attention and I was right.

On Sunday afternoon, after 3 days of being frustrated, sick and miserable, I picked up a book that had been sitting on my table for three weeks. By Chapter 7 it all made sense. I was taken back to the concept of before Him in love. It was as if all the names of the people who I was frustrated with, all those who I wanted so desperately to blame were listed on this page. They were all grouped together and the author was describing them as those who don’t know God’s love.

He was right. As I thought of each person, I realized that their lives were examples of those who call themselves Christians, but don’t understand God’s love for them. I know this because I was in the group most of my life. It was as if the clouds parted, the sun began to shine, the birds started singing… I needed to begin praying that they come to know God’s love. When you look at people though those eyes, it’s really difficult to be angry, frustrated and resentful.

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