Day 8

Faulty Systems

I was unaware of how much faith I had in the systems in our world. If you would have asked me, “Do you think you are controlled by the world’s systems?” I would have most likely said NO! But that was far from my actions. When our battle with Bank of America began, I felt constantly defeated because their system was faulty and I played the victim role very well.

Social Services, IRS, Social Security, Banks, Lawyers, Credit Cards, Credit Rating, Billing Departments; I knew these were faulty systems, yet I continue put faith in them to provide solutions. “If they just do this______, then it will all work out!” When they failed to be able to do ________, I would be crushed, angered, and feel hopeless.

My faith is now in God. It doesn’t matter if Bank of America ever gets it right, my faith is in God. Social Services may never make the right decisions, it won’t really matter if my faith is in God. The Lawyers could fight for years, it won’t matter in the end because my faith is in God.  Again I am brought back to: Fear not – Only believe!

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