Day 1

Back in School – for the first time

Last August after I returned home from an extended trip – I was sick. Not physically, but mentally. I was sick of me. I was sick and tired of feeling as if I could not explain what or how I believe. I was 50 years old! When was I going to be able to verbalize what was in my head and heart?

I sat on the side of my bed and simply said, “God! I want You to teach me what is truth – show me all the stuff I do that isn’t right – and give me the words to be able to explain what is.” The next morning at 7:00 am I went back to school for the first time. God has challenged everything I ever thought I believed! Some we tossed out and some we built on. He has begun to give me the words to explain these beliefs, and the wisdom to shut up when I should.

It’s no secret that the last 4 years have been full of less than perfect events. We have a property stuck in Bank of America hell. Feel free to share our journey through the Banked in America Blog. Two years ago I left my career because of a bizarre allergy which continues to affect me every day. Our granddaughter, Miss Emery is doing great, but she still has a way to go. And our Warrior Son continues to fight his battle against a system that holds his kids hostage.

Today Monday, April 16th I begin a 31 day fast. It’s the easiest fast I’ve ever seen. Actually it’s just a healthy eating fast. It won’t kill me, I plan to lose those final 10 pounds. The true purpose of this fast is to once and for all  become so confident in what I’ve learned that I stop being, as I’ve heard it explained, “Pitiful, pathetic and broke!”

I’ve committed to myself to record 31 days of lessons. Many are lessons learned since the end of last summer. I’m expecting there to be a few new ones toward the end of the month. After all that is the purpose of this fast. I am very excited! I wish there was a fast forward button I could push, but I’ll just have to wait.

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  1. Each of us, on our own path, has so much to learn in our too-brief visit to this reality. I’m finding the slower I go, the more I am “getting”. Good luck on your journey…

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