When the student is ready…

There’s an old proverb that says, When the student is ready, the teacher will come.  For most of my life I have lived feeling ready and wondering why no one was showing up!

The teacher in this proverb can be a multitude of things.  It can be a simple idea, an opportunity, an answer, a realization. I love when the light goes on and people make a connection. It’s great when it happens in my life and even better when it happens in the lives of others. We watch someone struggle, trying to figure out the next step. Some even seek advice; they don’t need to look too far since advice is everywhere and it’s free. How many times have I heard myself say, “If they would only listen to me.”

It is usually those of us on the outside who become more frustrated than the person waiting for the teacher. We sit on the sidelines, yelling out what we believe is their next move. “You should…” starts our conversations. Then suddenly, with no warning, the “teacher” shows up and the student learns and we walk away shaking our heads.

Why does it seem as if it takes so long? It’s the readiness training.  What a mess we make when we force someone into our plan, when we give instruction based on what we would do rather than on what may be best for them.

When the student is ready, the teacher will come. When I am ready, it will happen. How do we live in such simplicity? By focusing on our readiness, not wasting our time and energy worrying about when and how the teacher is going to arrive.

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