A phone conversation with Chase, our 4 year old grandson…



Who is this?

This is Chase Hardwick Matthew.

Well hello Chase Hardwick Matthew.

Do you know what I did?


I colored all over myself.

You did?

Mom took all my toys out of my room.

She did?

Do you know Goodwill?


She’s going to give them all to Goodwill.

That’s what happens sometimes.

I colored all over.

Do you think that was a good decision?


What are you going to do to fix it?

I could color on paper.

That sounds like a good choice to me….

Do you want to talk to Raun now?


A year ago, Chase was walking up our stairs and I heard him say, “Well that wasn’t a good decision.”  I never figured out what he had done, but obviously the kid has a handle on decision making – even if it isn’t always the right one.

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