“What you said”

We Skyped Raun frequently.  During one of those calls Jeff scolded the dog by saying “get the hell out of here”.  Again forgetting his audience I hurried he and the dog out of the room and closed the door.  Making my way back to the computer I heard Chase ask where Grandpa Jeff was.

“He said a bad word and I made him sit in the time-out chair.”

“I want to take to him.”

“But he needs to sit for a while.”

“I need to talk to him.”

I left the room to get Jeff and inform him of the seriousness in Chase’s voice.  As Jeff came in view of the computer Chase began his lecture…

“Grandpa Jeff, what you said?”

“I yelled at Ellie.”

“But what you said?”

“I can’t say it again or Grandma will put me in time-out.”

“You have to nice to Ellie.  You have to give her treats.”

“But I can’t give her too many treats or she’ll get fat.”

“You give her just one treat” Holding his finger up to emphasize the ONE. “And you be nice to her.”


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