Last Weekend in Town

Our close friends Ray and Margie had offered they home to us on our last weekend in town. We arrived Saturday afternoon, tired and emotional. That evening we met up with a small circle of old friends. Sunday was a quiet morning which lead into a quiet day. Monday morning we made our way to Jeff’s office. Jeff was the last person to leave the office in Wheaton and there were some final arrangements that needed to be made.

During the craziness of the last few months, we were also faced with the challenge to change our life insurance. Jeff had begun the process and we felt it needed to be completed before we left the state. The last step was the physical. The arrangements were made to have a nurse come to our house and complete any tests that were required. The first date was set for Friday, the day the movers were there and somehow it was changed to Monday morning. We found an office to use and she drew blood, checked our hearts, weight and asked a ton of questions. Blood pressure! Holy cow, if she takes our blood pressure there is no way we will pass this physical. After she took mine I asked what it was. 120 over 90. That is typically high for me but somewhat normal for most. After I explained what our last month had been like and the fact that our car was waiting outside, packed and ready to take us to California, 90 over 120 seemed fantastic.

The physical complete, the office disconnected and files ready for shipping, Jeff and I headed back to Ray and Margie’s to pick up Ellie and begin our journey west.

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