Wedding Week

With the wedding scheduled for sometime in the afternoon on Tuesday, we had given ourselves Sunday and Monday to play and prepare. Most of the family were arriving Sunday. After a day at the beach, we had invited everyone to our home for dinner and a movie. Buffalo Wings are one of our favorite things to eat when we are together, so we planned a wings night. Wings, fries, veggies and drinks. Those family members who were already settled in arrived early. Other who were just arriving to the island came over before they settled in. Introductions, greetings, a ton of conversations and enough wings to feed an army, all in all it was a great night.

Monday was day two at the beach. There were a few favors to be made and a few reception preparations that needed to be started, but we left plenty of time for sun and sand. Monday evening was another party. Brian’s parents had invited everyone to their home for BBQ. One more night of laughter, conversation, great food and fun. Austyn is a photographer, so choosing her photographer for the wedding was a major decision. It just so happened that her professor and head of the photography department was willing to make the trip. Derk arrived on Monday and was at our Monday evening celebration. By the end of the evening he looked a bit puzzled. “I’ve taken more great pictures in one night than I usually get for an entire event.” The wedding was still ahead of us.

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