Taking it all in

Sunday began just as Saturday had; maps, coffee and the Sweeney Todd soundtrack playing in the car. We made our way further north to see the elephant seals. They come up on the beach to sun themselves. It was a sight to behold; one ton seals laying ten feet below you, dead to the world.

We drove across Hwy 46. At one point I grabbed Jeff’s arm and said we had to stop. The view was breathtaking. “I can’t imagine ever being stressed when this is what you drive through everyday,” Jeff said. We continued on through wine country, imagining what it would be like to live here.

We were back at the hotel mid-afternoon. There continued to be a lot of silence. This was some of the most beautiful landscape I have ever experienced. We were both overwhelmed with the difference in lifestyle. We were to meet with a realtor on Monday. We were still moving forward, but we were not sold.

Monday afternoon as Jeff and I while driving to the realtor’s office, he finally verbalized it. “We can’t reproduce what we have in Chicago. This is going to be entirely new. We have to accept that.”

By Wednesday morning as we made our way to the airport, we had accepted it. This was going to be our new home. Most likely I would not be back until we were actually moving. Nothing about this would be easy. We love Chicago; we had planned to walk up those three flights of stairs until we could not make it on our own. We had taken to city life instantly. That was all about to change.

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