I may have just met my grandchildren.

As I was cleaning the kitchen I was rethinking our conversation. Imagining Raun with three children, realizing that if this relationship grew Jeff and I would be grandparents. This year was already quit full; why not add another major change, instant grandparents. Then it hit me, Jeff a grandpa. I began to laugh.

Jeff and I are very different when it comes to children. I am intrigued by their interaction. Jeff is known in our family for one very profound statement. “Disney without crying children and strollers, now that would truly be a magic kingdom.” He has been very vocal to Raun and Austyn about waiting to have children. “No babies, at least for a couple years.”

For several generations on the Bruenning side of the family, the first child (which has consistently been a boy) has been born to a father of the ripe old age of 20. Great Grandpa was 20 when grandpa was born. Grandpa was 20 when Jeff was born. Jeff was 20 when Raun was born. Since Raun was a teenager he has been instructed to break the curse. “No babies”. I began to count backwards. The oldest of these three children was born when Raun was 20. The curse would be in tacked.

I walked into the bedroom to inform Jeff of all my new discoveries, it was difficult to keep a straight face; he could be an instant grandpa, Raun would have been 20 when Breanna was born, and so on. Trying not to break a smile he swore at me. We both laughed, standing there looking at each other shacking our heads. This was no where in our plans.

An hour later he buzzed. We had established a super secret family buzz to enter the main door of our condo; two quick buzzes and we know it’s one of us. Two quick buzzes and the dog quickly makes her way to the door, she also knows it must be one of us. A few moments later and there were three lovely children walking into living room.

Introductions were made. Brianna was the oldest, Sage next and finally Chase. Big eyes, beautiful smiles and they were holding onto Raun for dear life. He was their protection.

After a few moments I took Chases hand and we began to explore the apartments. He was inquisitive; pointing to things, asking questions. We made our way to the porch to look for stars and airplanes. As we left the living room I heard Raun say to Pam “I thought he didn’t like anyone”. The girls followed shortly. Everyone was making their selves at home.

Austyn’s room was the last to explore. Austyn’s room is worth exploring; photos everywhere, two computers, boxes of wedding stuff and a 4 foot brown teddy bear that is slumped in the corner taking it all in.

Pam, Raun and I made our way back to the kitchen. Jeff and Austyn were doing just fine entertaining the troupes in her room. Jeff is actually great with kids. He has a great sense of humor that makes kids think. I’ve always thought it was his way of finding the most imaginative ones, those are the ones he most enjoys interacting with. He and Sage were well into the game of “I’m thinking of a color”.

The evening ended a short time later. Coats, hats, kiss the dog and out the door. I walked them down the three flights of stairs, hailed a taxi while Raun retrieved their things from the car. The taxi door shut and we waved goodbye. I was suddenly met with an interesting thought; I may have just met my grandchildren.

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