The following week Jeff was actually not at the office, he was opening a store so had very little face to face interaction with the leaders of the new company. He was dependent on phone conversations with co-workers filling him in on their take of the situation. Reviews were mixed. Jeff flew home on Thursday night. He was back out the door at 5:30am heading for the office. There was only a small window of time allowed since flights back to California were scheduled for that afternoon. The offer time line was simple. Two week and everyone would have their offers.

We spent time on the Internet looking at real estate in Nashville. Great prices compared to what we saw in Chicago. Jeff did not like the idea of Nashville. He was not excited at all to make the move. During the discussions about relocating, Nashville had been the only option.

The process took much longer than expected. Thanksgiving came and went with no offers. The week before Christmas the actual offer to purchase the company was solidified. Next would be the offers. Wednesday morning phone calls came. I was meeting some friends and had plans to be at Jeff’s office around 3:00. I glanced at my phone around 12:30, 7 messages from Jeff. I called him back immediately. “They want me in California” was all I heard.

San Luis Obispo, CA, I couldn’t pronounce it. We were in shock. There were moments during the next 4 days that we would look at each other, one would laugh and the other shake their head. I woke up in the middle of the night practicing my pronunciation. After much thought and a few conversations to the west coast, Jeff accepted the offer.

My great idea for having a family vacation in October at a beach was now obsolete. If we ended up in San Luis Obispo, the family vacation would simply be coming to our house on the coast. Neither of us had ever imagined living on the west coast. It wasn’t a dream. It was nowhere on our radar. This was new territory.

2008 was filling up quickly, a graduation, a wedding and now a total change of life. California bound sometime in 2008.

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