The Break Up

Austyn’s wedding party consisted of two, a boy and a girl. Her only bother and sibling Raun would be her bridesmaid and his girlfriend of 3 years would be her maid of honor.

Raun’s girlfriend and Austyn had become very close. They were sisters already. They shared the same creativity, ideas and even thoughts. When the two were in the same room it was a burst of energy that lasted for hours. They became best friends quickly.

Mid October the relationship came to an end. We were all effected, Raun most of all. For him this was the rest of his life. This was the one. For Jeff and I we as well had fallen in love. We thought this was it and we were not at all concerned. They seemed perfect for each other. For Austyn it was very complicated. She was loosing the person she had thought would be her only sister, she was loosing her best friend and she was probably loosing her maid of honor.

A decision could not be made for several weeks. Emotions were all over the place and everyone needed time. As the dust settled it was very apparent to Austyn that she also needed to sever that relationship. Raun was dealing but it was painful and Austyn knew that her relationship and involvement in the wedding would continue to infect those wounds. The outcome unpredictable, Austyn and Brian made the call. There would only be one attended for each. Raun would be the Maid of Honor. Austyn would be the only girl in the party and way down deep she found that to be exciting.

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