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Today can’t begin without remembering a delivery room filled with bystanders waiting to assist, a doctor with laryngitis and a frantic rush to cut and clamp a cord that had managed to wrap itself around a tiny neck no less than five times.

She was the chubby three-year old that couldn’t repeat three words in a row, the first grader who struggled to keep up. In Jr. High she worked effortlessly to read and comprehend and in High School she was the one to introduce herself to the teacher on the first day and inform him that she would struggle in his class and would need his assistance. She tried her hand at every art media and excelled in all. We prayed she would marry an Engineer that would build her a little pottery shed where she would create beautiful pottery the rest of her life. Then she picked up a camera and began to show us the world through her eyes.

She married her engineer who happened to be a pilot and gave birth to my buddy Liam and our amazing Emery. Through it she has shown her strength, wisdom, intelligence and belief in God that humbles most.

She has her shed but doesn’t throw clay – she plants gardens and today she is twenty-eight.

Happy Birthday Austyn Elizabeth!

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