Star Wars

The text read, “I think you should come see Star Wars with us at some point, I think you’d like it now that you’ve accepted your sci-fi-ness.” Any mom is thrilled when their kids want them to tag along, no matter what their ages; and not just to pay!

“I think I need a refresher,” I replied. When I was first informed that the grandkids would be sleeping over on the 18th cause tickets had been purchased for a late showing of Star Wars, I thought they must have remastered the original.

“No, it a new one with the original cast!” I was told.

But didn’t Spock die? And the kid from Reading Rainbow must be in his sixties. I knew that Daleks only appeared when Dr. Who landed in his Tardis, but there was that other Robot that hung out with a kid and a weird skinny white guy named Dr. Smith.

What makes them think I have any sci-fi-ness? I am an avid Dr. Who follower, waking every Sunday morning between 2 and 4:00 am during the new season to watch the next episode. I enjoyed Firefly and made it through most of Warehouse 13. Maybe it’s because I fell in love with the The Big Bang Theory in the first five minutes.

But that’s not because of my sci-fi-ness, it’s cause I relate to the normal blond who finds herself in the middle of geniuses. I’m not dating my geniuses, I gave birth to them and then they found genius partners. Philosopher, Engineer, Photographer and now Culinary Wizard. These geniuses gave birth to genius kids and now everyone is geeky and there are some days I just wished we liked to decoupage.

“But Brian and I both have the originals, so we can watch them again. We wouldn’t complain.” Of course my son and son-in-law both own the originals and I have no doubt they would be thrilled to spend a day watching them.

“You pick the day and I’ll be there, but lets do it here and I’ll be here!” I replied.

On that day I will be surrounded by all the geeks I love, intently watching Star Wars. Jeff will  make an attempt to watch as well, but he’s very comfortable admitting he has no sic-fi-ness, his genius lays elsewhere. He comes from the Geek planet of Music…and they’er just as odd. He can’t watch Dr. Who because of the sound the Daleks make…

…some days I just wish we liked to decoupage!