Discovering A Sense of Purpose

I never had a problem rattling off a list of things I enjoyed doing, projects I loved getting involved with, and topics I loved teaching. Then one day I decided to learn to meditate and everything changed. 

The first meditation talked all about finding our deepest desire. Deepest Desire? What’s that? I wondered and moments later a new journey began in search of my deepest desire.

It didn’t take long before I began feeling like nothing I did was enjoyable. Tasks I once enjoyed, or at least tolerated, now ate at me from the inside out. What am I doing wrong? What has changed? Don’t every ask these questions if you’re not serious about getting the answers.

I began asking other questions, What do I really love? Not what can I do well, but what do I really enjoy? What feels exciting? What makes me want to laugh? What do I love doing more than anything else?

I asked and asked until I whittled it down to a simple statement. I love connecting people’s passion with opportunity. That was it! Above anything else I have ever done or hope do, making those connections is the top of the list, cream of the crop, it fulfills my deepest desire.

So what was going so wrong? The rub came in when I  did something that went against or took me out of my passion. 

I was connecting people to the door of opportunity (my passion) but instead of stopping at the door and letting them walk through on their own, I escorted them through the gates and then began to help them set up shop. The moment I walked through the door, the passion left and dread, frustration, resentment took hold. I’m not wired to help set up shop, I’m wired to explore possibilities, seek out opportunities, encourage others to follow their dreams, and brainstorm strategies. 

I have always loved teaching, I now understand that teaching isn’t the motivator. Rather, it’s the content that I’m teaching. Teaching about processes is deflating and my eyes are glued to the clock as an hour seems like a life times. It’s the complete opposite when I am teaching about possibilities and opportunities, connecting people to their potential – it’s in those classes that I have to remind myself that time exists.

Finding your passion and uncovering you deepest desire (or desires) is like putting a puzzle together. Its all about self-exploration. Looking at strengths, talents, and weaknesses. It’s about discovering where you are and seeing all the amazing things that have already happened that makes you – YOU!

You are unique. No one sees life through your eyes. No one taste chocolate the way you do. No one hears music the way you do. Only you can live the life you were designed to live. How awesome is that!!

When we find our passion and deepest desire, we create for ourselves a sense of purpose. Our passion and purpose becomes the funnel that we pour life through. We know what activities will build us up and which have the potential of drain us. We can pick and choose where we want to put our time and energy.

Discovering A Sense of Purpose is a new course rolling out this fall. Its a four part series that offers opportunities to explore who we are and what in life energizes and moves us closer to living a life full of passion. Fall classes are being organized.

Interested? YES!  Let’s do it! Let’s find out what makes you tick and where you should be spending your time and energy.

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Join me and let’s get this party started!!