Pinballs in my Brain

pinball in my brain by author Jeannie Bruenning

Definition of Connectedness

People with the StrengthsFinder theme of Connectedness believe that everything happens for a reason. They have the unique ability to ‘connect the dots’ between what is happening in the here and now with deep personal meaning.

If you share the StrengthsFinder characters of Connectedness with me, you know how it can screw up your life. For those who don’t – here’s a practical description….everything that goes in your brain has to connect, has to have some sense of reasonability, the minds eye has to be able to see where it goes, how it gets there and what possible reactions it will cause. 

If information doesn’t connect or has loose ends it just bounces around in there like a pinball until it has something to connect to.

Us connectedness-ers are likely to spot a lie before anyone else because it doesn’t connect. Our brains never stop scanning for consistencies, irregularities, and gaps. When listening to crazy talk we grimace. Hearing someone selling their excuses makes us feel as if our heads are filling with goop and we’ve lost all sense of reality.

That is why in our recent social media climate, you’ll find me twitching, flinching, and gasping for brain air. There are just tooo many things that don’t connect.

For instance:

You can’t say we are a Christian Nation and then scream about the separation of Church and State. Christian Nation connects Church and Nation.

Claiming that every American is created equal but refusing to assist those who aren’t treated equal – makes the pinballs in my head shoot out of the starting gate.

I saw one post saying they missed the good old days were there weren’t abortions, everyone respected authority, and life was good. I can’t find such a time in history but my brain is working overtime to do so.

And then there are those who are crying for a time when they could say whatever they wanted without offending anyone. In the next post they are blasting someone they disagree with…this sets off all the alarms, bells, and lights on my brains pinball scoreboard.

But then come the posts that I can’t even let near my brain. Those are the ones who blame the Democrats, praise the Republicans (or vice versa), say the Pledge of Allegiance every day as if it was some kind of a prayer, only watch Fox News and want everyone to ban other networks, post that the hundreds of thousands of deaths due to the virus are made up, see evil in any opinion that they don’t agree with, spread fear, mistrust, and conspiracy, don’t believe prejudice exists, and everyone has equal rights…AND then claim God is in control…

…these posts just have to be filed away as crazy talk (by crazy people who may have never really met God).

…these make my head spin.